One Powerful Must-Have Tool for Listing Expireds

Mastering the Merchandising Review

By Julie Escobar

We’re big fans of the power of visuals when giving presentations and effectively Merchandising Reviewcommunicating with your client or customers.  They lend an extra layer of authority to the conversation, appeal to the both the “listener” in the room and the “visual” person in the room (and if there’s a husband and wife or more than one person who is a decision maker – there’s usually one of each!), and it help you and your ‘audience’ to stay ON TRACK.

Working with Expireds is almost always a great listing-generating activity. Granted, some are disillusioned, some worried and some flat out angry that they didn’t get the results they wanted the first time around.  But most of the time – they’re still motivated to sell.  One of the first things you have to do is to help them figure out the “WHY” for their dilemma.  Was it price?  (Many times!)  Was it condition?  (You can sell anything for the right PRICE.)  Was it the terms?

Whatever it was – the key to keeping that from happening again is to make sure your sellers are just as vested as you are in creating a successful end result – the sale of their home, preferably sooner rather than later.

Enter the Merchandising Review.  This handy dandy little form is great for walking sellers through the potential pitfalls that can happen  if you don’t follow a success track when listing a property.  It helps put some of the “monkey” if you will on their backs – not just that of the sales agent.  And truly – it should be – right?

The Merchandising Review is a great way to sit across from the seller and say, “Listen, selling a home in today’s market is challenging at times, there’s no doubt.  But I like a good challenge and when you have the right tools, the right price, the right plan and the right agent – we can get you to your goal of getting this home sold.  Let’s do this – let’s walk through what I call a Merchandising Review and take a look at some of the top reasons that a home will sell (or won’t) in our market – OK?  That way we can make whatever adjustments we need to get you and your family to the next chapter of your life.  Sound good?  Here, I brought two copies – let’s go through it…”

It’s easy to use and easy (and free) to get!  Click here to go to our Resource Page – scroll about half way down the page until you see “Merchandising Review” – then just click download!  Easy, breezy!  Then if you really start wanting to drive up your production and attract Expireds in your market – use our ‘7-Series for Expireds’ – the messages are perfect for entering the conversation that’s already going on in the minds of these disappointed sellers. (While you are there, download the 6 Pitfalls of Overpricing free report – it’s a must-have for today’s listing presentation!

At least twice a week, pull the Expireds in your market and send them a series of 3-5 postcards, mailing one every 5-7 days. Use the alternative back on the postcard to write a little more – and share that you have a very special tool that can help them first, determine what went wrong in the sale of their home and two, ensure that it doesn’t happen again and invite them to call your for a copy of their own.

It’s a great way in the door for these potential sellers.  Go for it!

Need help choosing the cards that are right for you?  Simply call our marketing specialists at 866-405-3638 today.  They’re smart, knowledgeable, friendly and just the folks you need on your side to ensure that your marketing is TIMELY and DONE!  Be sure to check out our SPECIALS page to grab this month’s promo code and save 10% off your order.   Good luck and go get those Expireds!

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When Your Sellers Want to “WAIT”…

From 21 Ways to Get Your Listing Priced Right in Any Marketprice-handler-real-estate-marketing

By Julie Escobar

Ever have a seller who wants to WAIT to price the listing right?

Here’s a strategy that I call ‘The Waiting Game’ – see if it will work for you… 

Try this dialogue when a seller wants to wait to lower the price:  “Let me ask you, what do you think happens to an overpriced home that doesn’t sell right away? Do you think it eventually sells?  I’m afraid, more often than not, the answer to that is no.   Listings get the most traction in terms of buyer traffic, agent attention and offers in the first 2-4 weeks after coming on the market. If you wait, you’ll lose that traction. 

Worse than that, the longer it sits on the market, the more buyers will begin to wonder if there are more serious problems than price in terms of why it hasn’t sold yet.  Think about it…what’s the first question you would ask when you look at a new house? How long has it been on the market – right?  Long time on market = problem in the eyes of a buyer. In this market, or any market – that’s not a position that can give you any kind of leverage. Let’s price it right and get it sold.”

Agents and managers both –– One of the best ways to really fine tune your negotiation and objection handling skills is to get together once a month with respected colleagues and role play.  (I have the old Sweathog mantra in my head – “practice, drill, rehearse…”) Have everyone bring their best objection to the table. Then collectively come up with some dynamite dialogues, strategies and visuals for overcoming and handling those objections together.

If you’d like to learn more price objection handlers – check out 21 Ways to Price Your Listing Right in Any Market (Despite the Seller’s Best Objections!) at

Got questions?  Call us today!  Need help building your sphere or consistently marketing to your customer base?  Call our inside account management team at 866.405.3638 today!  They’re WONDERFUL!  Tell them I said hi!

For more great ideas and fun tips  – be sure to follow us on Facebook at — we’d love to have you in on the conversation!

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The Power of the Fair Trade Offer

Helping Agents Find the Real Estate Hand Raisersfinding the real estate handraisers

By Julie Escobar

You know, a very long time ago, Floyd Wickman founded his company on a concept that “We Get by Giving.”  He was on the mark then, and that concept is still on the mark today.  Times have changed, markets have changed, and certainly how we communicate and do business has changed.  But one thing that will always be a constant, I believe, is that people will ALWAYS be hungry for information.

And that’s an amazing opportunity for real estate professionals to jump in and feed that need!  We’re asked all the time by agents – what can I do to get people to CALL me, CONTACT me, turn to ME for information, raise their ‘hands’ so to speak so I can tell who’s a prospect and who’s not  – and we try to make that as simple as possible.  Especially for agents who are eager to get more listings in their market areas.

Supplement the marketing you are doing with your system with one series that is gaining some traction because it features powerful ‘fair trade offers’ that sellers are looking for — our Free Offer Series.  Sending three over the course of 2-3 months can certainly help you create the top-of-mind awareness and show potential sellers that you are the agent to ask when they have questions.

Here’s the order we would recommend…

First –send the Market Analysis postcard.   The big question for lots of folks in a changing free home marketeconomy is “How much is my home worth?”  Between news headlines and short sale horror stories spanning the internet, people are curious and whether they are about to sell or not, they want to know where they stack up in terms of property value.


Second – send the Home Equity postcard.  This gives folks a free home equitysecond opportunity to learn how much they can count on when it comes to the value of their home and where they stand in terms of equity versus potential sales price.  Being a resource that can help consumers really have the big picture covered makes you a valuable resource in your community.


Third – send the Real Estate Consultation postcard.  This is a great opportunity to follow up free consultationon your campaign and provide a full-blown consultation so people can determine if selling is right for them.  Studies show it takes at LEAST three contacts for people to perk up and recognize a marketing campaign.  So, stay with it and FOLLOW up!

And you don’t have to stop at these – we’ve got an entire spectrum of free reportshandy tools and additional fair trade offers available on our resources page for download!  Get yours today.

And if you want to try this campaign on for size, use these promo codes to save 10% off your orders (excluding postage). Use SEPT10 if mailing a standard size, mailed First-Class postcard.  SEPT10J if you prefer jumbo size, mailed First-Class or SEPT10JS if you want to send a jumbo size postcard, mailed Standard-Class.  And if you need help sorting all of that out – just call us at 866.405.3638.  Our team is happy to assist you! 

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What to Say When Sellers Ask…

Will YOU Cut Your Commission?commission objection handling brochure

By Julie Escobar

Oh boy.  Things are heating up out there and competition is getting pretty intense.  What we know is that nothing lasts—not the good times or the bad times.  But one thing that ALWAYS seems to rear its nasty little head during the GOOD times is that the discount commission agents start coming out of the woodwork.  And that means it’s time for savvy agents to get down to business and know how to handle objections well before a seller even has the chance to utter the question, “Will you cut your commission?”

To help you head that objection off at the pass, I sat down with Company President Jim Morton to get some 5 Star dialogue for handling that oh so common objection!

The truth is that listings are (and always have been) the name of the game.  So, what are you seeing RIGHT NOW?  Agents want LISTINGS.  Why?  Because they’re SELLING. What HAVEN’T you seen in recent years?  You haven’t seen a lot of discount brokerages, or sell-it-on-your-own type companies. But they’re back – and they’re back big. And FSBOs are getting a little cockier as well.  So be PREPARED.    You’re going to get hit with objections.

The best thing to do in this market?  Is to get prepared.  Know that there are really only a few common objections when you get down to it.  And you’ll probably be hit with quite a few in the next year or so.  See if any of these sound familiar?

  • “The other broker said they would list it for less commission.”
  • “I want to try to sell it myself to save the commission.”
  • “I have a friend in the business and they said they’d take less commission.”

When you are hit with one of these – or any objection, remember this.  The way to change another human being’s feelings is VISUALLY.  A few well-chosen words with a correct visual will always take you further than the words alone.  So having five or six commission handling brochures in your briefcase at all times.  That does a couple of things for you.  First, it lets the sellers know that you are prepared, and you’ve handled this before.  Secondly, it will give you a track to run on.  There’s six reasons why another agent might take less – and how that can be COSTING that seller money.  Your job as the professional is to visually show them these six reasons with a few well-chosen words and have the ability to handle that objection without stress.

How do we get started?  First go to the website, download a pdf of the commission handling brochure, fold them up and keep them in your briefcase as part of your presentation tools.  If you’re using an iPad or notebook for your presentation you can display the pdf on that as well.

Next, use the five-step objection handling process:

  1. Agree with them.
  2. Ask them open-ended questions.  (They usually start with:  Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How).
  3. Isolate the objection with a sharp-angle close.  “Well what if you knew ______________, would you _______?”
  4. Show them something.
  5. Use an assumptive close.

Here’s a little dialogue: 

Mr. and Mrs. Seller, you know if there is a way to save money — I don’t blame you.  I’m always looking for ways to save money as well.  In today’s world it just makes sense-right?  And you know if in fact you could save money going with that other broker, I’d recommend that – but I guess let me ask you this:  What’s more important to YOU?  Is it paying a lower commission or is putting the most money in your pocket?

Oh, OK, so it’s putting more money in your pocket?  Is there anything else?  Any other reason you would want to go with someone else other than the commission?  — Ok – so just the commission.

Well let me ask you this – what if you knew that by going with that other agent you wouldn’t be saving a dime?  As a matter of fact, you might be costing yourself five or six thousands of dollars out of pocket, would you still go with them?  I guess, here’s what I mean.  What if you knew that by paying a lower commission that you’d put less money in your pocket when it’s all said and done.  Would paying a lower commission still be important to you? What’s more important? Paying a lower commission or putting more money in your pocket?

What if I could show you beyond a shadow of a doubt, that sure, I may charge a little more, but if I could put more money in your pocket would you go ahead and put it on the market with me? If putting more money in your pocket is really what’s most important, you’d almost insist right?  Well let me show you some things that will save you a lot of time and aggravation – and even a lot of money.  Would that be OK?  There are six reasons that a broker or agent will charge less commission.  Let’s go through them – let’s start with what could be the most important one — reducing their commission…


The truth is — a 1% reduction of commission results in 20% of their income.  Let me ask you something – if your agent is so good at letting you negotiate a 20% reduction of their livelihood – how well will they do at protecting your interest with a buyer who wants to reduce the price of your house?”

The commission handling brochure has six great reasons why the OTHER agent is willing to reduce their commission – and frankly – why they SHOULD.  It’s a powerful tool to have in your toolbox when facing pricing objections in what is sure to be a busy and competitive market ahead.

Hope the dialogues helped!  Get your copy of the commission handling brochure today by clicking here.  Need help with your marketing needs as we speed into the new season?  Call us today at 866.405.3638!  That’s what we do best!  

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3 Ways to Make Your Life (and Job) Easier

Don’t You LOVE Technology?tech tools

by Julie Escobar

Let’s face it, calendars are filling up fast as we head into the fall market.  So sometimes we can ALL use a little help getting things done faster, more efficiently and of course– with ease!

This week I wanted to share with you three things you can do to save time, energy and money while you’re focused on filling up that pipeline for fall!

1.  Stop Printing Yourself!  As someone who personally spent 15 minutes trying to clear the jam on my printer and get it back online last night (we wont’ talk about the help from the 13 year old), I know waiting for your items to print and creating marketing materials can be costly in terms of time.   From your feature flyers and brochures to the host of collateral material that you have in your dashboard (click here to see them all) you can now take advantage of our Upload Your Own feature on the new site.  It makes printing in quantities of your Infobox Flyers, or large documents like your pre-listing package, listing package, online house tour report or 10 Ways to Make Your House Show Like a Model free report really fast, simple and affordable. Just save your document as a pdf, upload it and let us know how many you need and take it from there.  Click here to start or call our office today at 866.405.3638 for help!

2.  Use Business Cards with QR Codes!   These are a great way to connect with your customers in a whole new way!  In fact, click here to learn five great reasons to use this cool technology to save you time and aggravation!

3.  Block Your Time.  Time blocking is crucial to success for today’s agents. If not, it’s WAY too easy to get off track, not prospect or follow up and find yourself behind that proverbial 8-ball in no time.  With school starting back up and sport schedules back at full tilt for a lot of families — it’s just hard to keep track of everything.  That’s why I LOVE Google calendars.  And why agents all over the world use them to help keep tabs on their master family calendar.

Here’s a tip – share integrated calendars.  Start with a family calendar. You know, soccer practices, dance lessons, dentist appointments, eye exams, school functions, vacation time, etc.  Make another for your business.  Be sure to include these VITAL elements:  prospecting time, follow up time, appointment time, meetings, courses or training and don’t forget DOWN time.  Have a spouse or significant other? They can create a shared calendar too.  I’ve got college kids-so they have one as well.  Everyone shares their calendars with you and now you have a day, week or month at a glance that has EVERYONE’S stuff!  And it syncs with your smartphone so you can always have it handy!

Hope that helps and hope you’re having a great week!  Need help?  Call our team at 866.405.3638 today! 



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Five Ways to Stay Top of Mind in Your Real Estate Market

The Sum of Small Things

 top of mind real estate agent

by Julie Escobar

The market is bustling again in a lot of areas and competition is kicking into high gear.  One big secret to success is to stay top-of-mind with your book of business.  And while that doesn’t have to be a HARD process – it does need to be CONSISTENT.  That got me thinking about one of Floyd Wickman’s quotes, “Great results are the sum of small things, done well, repeatedly.”  Boy isn’t that the truth?  So I gave Floyd a call and asked him to expand on that a little for us – and here’s what he had to offer:  “That’s one of my favorite sayings too, and it’s so true.  In fact, nothing defines that more than a commissioned salesperson picking up the phone and making a simple call to folks in their book of business—even if for no other reason than to say hello.  There is no higher thing they can do to shift their results in this business than to create those conversations.  In fact, in our courses we teach agents that for every 12 conversations they have, they can expect a referral.  To me, that’s the number one way to stay top of mind AND build your business.”

Great advice.  Floyd also shared that you can’t ‘nurture’ everyone.  So every agent should have two lists – one which is their book of business – those folks you are building a relationship with over time.  Your second list should be your database. That’s a list of everyone who’s ever inquired, been on your mailings lists, or internet leads that you can send drip campaigns to until they are ready to make a move. Your database is your least expensive list to market to – but it also yields much lower results than your book of business.

So number one?  Take Floyd’s advice.  Pick up the phone to everyone in your book of business.  Decide how you want to break that up – 10 a day, 20 a day or as Floyd used to say, “Call until you get one.”  Block off that time just as critically as you would a listing appointment – because it IS that critical.

Number two?  Get out of stealth mode. I can’t tell you how many agents rarely leave the office or their homes but call us to say – how can I get more business?  Get OUT there in your community and get noticed!  Take part in charity drives, school events, and host Q & A sessions at the local library or coffee shop.  The more VISIBLE you are – the more likely people are going to say YOUR NAME when asked if they no anyone in real estate!

Number three?  SEND them something tangible.  For all the obvious reasons, we’re fond of direct response mailpostcards and newsletters – because they are easy to order, quick to send and don’t take up a lot of your valuable face-to-face or voice-to-voice time with prospects and those in your book of business or sphere.  But mix it up!  Check out our Fun Days page if you haven’t already for some creative and way outside the box ways to get in front of your clients in ways that are sure to have you REMEMBERED!

Number four?  Be HYPER-LOCAL.  There’s a reason this term is all the buzz right now – it’s because it is EXACTLY what consumers are looking for in their resources. Home buyers and sellers need to know what is happening right there in YOUR market – rather than just get sucked into the national news of what’s happening nationwide or even globally.  What are prices doing in their neighborhoods?  What’s happening in the schools in your area?  What new businesses are coming in or closing?  Who are the trusted resources, business or service professionals in YOUR area that they can call.  Start being the one to consistently deliver THAT kind of information – and your name, brand, reputation and referrals will skyrocket.

Number five?  Expand your reach.  If you’re not saturating the neighborhood or market area you want to dominate then turn to social media, Every Door Direct Mail (which gets you literally into every mailbox) or even walking the neighborhoods with information, a smile, and even a little token so that people can start putting the face with the name.  (In fact – the savvy agents do all of the above!)

Now, what are you waiting for?  Get out there and start getting your name, business and face recognized as the incredible real estate resource you are!  And if you need help – give our team a shout at 866.405.3638 for systems that can help you do all of that and more! 

And if you’re interested in Floyd’s new training, The Power of Listing, be sure to contact his team at

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The Perils of Overpricing…

Listings (Priced Right) Are the Name of the Game6 pitfalls of overpricing

by Julie Escobar

Building a strong and SALABLE listing inventory is at the heart of every top agent’s success checklist, but we all know that getting them priced RIGHT isn’t always a cake-walk.  There are sometimes over-bearing, unrealistic sellers standing in their own way of getting their homes sold in today’s market and for those folks you’ve got a couple of choices:  Use powerful tools (and mad negotiating skills) to show them the true perils of overpricing and get them to agree on a fair market price,  take the listing and let it sit (damaging your reputation and making it more unsalable by the day), or walk away and focus on working with folks who will allow you to do the most professional job you can do for them as an agent INCLUDING taking your advice on a list price.

One of the things I learned long ago from industry icons like Floyd WickmanDanielle Kennedy, and Judy LaDeur is that the right words, accompanied by a great VISUAL will ALWAYS get you further than the right words alone.  That’s one of the reasons we are always creating powerful collateral pieces and free reports for our customers so that when faced with unreasonable sellers, grouchy expireds, or prickly FSBOs- you’ve got terrific visuals and objection handlers that lend credibility and authority to your presentations and even your pre-listing presentations!

Take our free report Six Pitfalls to Overpricing Your Home – this is a powerful piece to add to your listing presentation and as an opt-in piece on your website. I’d even use one of the six tips per day on your facebook page as a content-rich and informative post- at the end of a week offer to send your followers a copy of all six via email.  It’s a dynamite way to build your social media following and your email database!

Many of our customers also use it in conjunction with our Fence Sitter Series of postcards and in our Expired and FSBO campaigns as a item of value that consumers can  get just for calling.  Or the Merchandising Review is another piece that’s perfect for putting the responsibility of ensuring that a listing is salable back on the sellers.  You can get both of these and many more visuals and free reports by clicking here to see our free resources.

And if you really want to master your mad pricing skills, be sure to check out my eBook 21 Ways to Get Your Listings Priced Right (Despite the Sellers Best Objections!) It’s filled with terrific dialogues from top trainers, objection handlers and techniques for getting even the most stubborn sellers to see reason!

Good luck out there!  And remember if you need us -just call us at 866.405.3638 and be sure to bookmark our SPECIALS page to see the latest in new marketing tools and terrific savings promo codes!

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