Need to Pump Up Your Production?

Start WOWing Potential Customers with Your Pre-Listing Package!

By Julie Escobar

A few years back I really started diving into the differentiators of agents who were thriving regardless of market or even time in the business.  What were they doing differently?  Well, a variety of best practices of course, coupled with the right mindset and willingness to learn.  One of the things that I loved learning about was how agents were successfully using pre-listing packages to not just get in the door with potential sellers, but get that phone call that says, “Come list my house!”

Your Ultimate Marketing Toolkit comes with a Pre-Listing package in two different formats.  One is a pdf which you can just print and send and the other a Powerpoint file that you can alter and make your own!

Here are some ideas on how to use both:

With either version, the most successful use of a pre-listing package occurs when a little care goes into the presentation.  That means, getting some nice folders, including the presentation, a nice cover letter, your business card and a nice big envelope to put it all in.  I know an agent who got her own binding machine because she thought it gave her presentations that extra “edge.”  The key to a good PRE-listing presentation is to make that seller realize that you’ve already done more work than most of the agents that are trying to get in their door.

Most agents can print a stack of these in advance, add the customized cover sheet, grab a picture of the home and incorporate it and the seller’s names into the presentation and what have you got?   WOW factor.

PDF version?  Try this:

  • Nice folder (complimenting colors to your logo) to put everything in
  • Customized cover letter (Sample found in the download dashboard here:
  • Pre-Listing package printed (found in your download dashboard)
  • Company or personal brochure
  • Business Card
  • Sample Just Listed postcard with a note attached – I’m ready to get started when you are!

Powerpoint version?  You’ll use most of the components but actually incorporate them into the package before you print.

  • Nice folder to put everything in
  • Customized cover letter
  • Add your photo, logo and contact information to the first page of the presentation – on the bottom of  the page
  • A title box with the listing address on top of page two, with small picture of the property if possible and your signature at the bottom of page two.
  • Your website on page five
  • Using a “snipping tool” such as the one in the newer versions of Microsoft Office or give the free “Snagit” software trial a whirl at – take a screen capture of your own Toolkit pieces to replace the sample postcard, infobox flyer, lead generation card, etc. that are found in the current Powerpoint presentation on pages 7-10.  These programs are fairly simple to use, follow their instructions and you’ll be snipping away in no time!  Watch the tutorial video on that Snagit link, or to learn how to use the Microsoft version found in Office 7 or higher –  watch the video here:
  • Add your logo, photo and contact information to page 10 on the bottom.
  • Add a page or two to your presentation.  I would include a page with testimonials, as well as our popular Merchandising Review and even some of the other free reports that you can find on the resource section of our site – click here to get your free copies.  If you’ve got any great market snapshots that are provided by your MLS (average days on market, etc.) those can be a great addition as well.

I’ve created a sample Powerpoint with these changes so you can get an idea of what a presentation can look like with the changes above in your download dashboard here:  I hope it helps!  You’ll also find a sample cover letter there which I would recommend you customize each time with the potential seller’s information each time.  If you have questions – email me at

Now that you’re getting the hang of how to customize your pre-listing presentation – who are you going to send it to?  Here’s a strategy:  Each day turn to your MLS for all the expired listings in your market.  Grab the best MLS photo, customize your pre-listing package and cover letter, personalizing it as much as possible, pop it in an envelope and into the mail before you go on your morning run, take the kids to school or hit the office!  If you’re searching for area FSBOs on Craigslist or have a service such as or you can do the same thing! Be sure to follow up on any of your mailings with a phone call when and where possible.  These strategies are a great way to knock out some of your “prospecting” duties first thing!  (Don’t you love time management?)

If you’re a new agent especially, the pre-listing package gives you the confidence to showcase a comprehensive marketing plan that’s for the most part, done for you.  You’ll be using all the best practices in the industry such as the Just Listed direct response card, infobox flyers, Craigslist ad and QR codes!  As a new agent, I would encourage you to read the articles here on the blog that correspond with each piece and really know the pre-listing package inside and out so that you’ll feel comfortable taking a seller through each page when you are face-to-face.

That’s it for now!  Please visit your dashboard and sign in to get your sample pre-listing package with ideas on how to customize your version, your sample letter and download your own pre-listing package if you haven’t already so you can start adding your own flair to it today!

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