Four Ways to Leverage the Listing You Already Have

Maximizing Your Marketing Power

By Julie Escobar

You’re on it right? You’ve got the flyers in the InfoBox, the Craigslist ad rocking, the postcards are in the mail…what ELSE can you do to make the most of that fabulous new listing.  How can you really maximize your chance to connect with those neighbors around the property who might just be interested in selling themselves?

Here are a few ideas…

Host an Open House. Contrary to what some agents believe, open houses are still terrific sources for new business.  What doesn’t work?  Not advertising it, not being prepared and not having the right attitude towards it!  You bet-that’s a sure fire way to fail.  Flip that around though and have the right mindset, the right materials and spread the word ahead of time – and you have a recipe for success.  I interviewed a top agent not long ago who never misses a chance to host an open house, but you won’t find her sitting in the kitchen quietly while prospective buyers tour the house…she’s got flyers and brochures on things that are really important to buyers such as how to save on moving expenses or common move up mistakes.  She engages everyone who comes through the door and presents herself as both the EXPERT in the area as well as a RESOURCE they can turn to for valuable and timely information.

Now really kick things up by hosting a “Neighbors ONLY” pre-open house and invite the neighbors! Either walk the neighborhood or send direct mail Open House postcards to the closet neighbors.  People are naturally curious about what’s happening in their “back yards” and if you throw in a little wine & cheese, you’ll be sure to sweeten the pot!  In most areas, statistics are in your favor that there is more than one other person in that community that has thought about selling their home as well and even more than that who know someone thinking of buying or selling now or in the near future. This is a great way to draw them in and show them that you’re willing to go the extra mile.  After all, in the words of Wayne Dyer, “It’s never crowded along the extra mile.”

Purchase a custom domain for your single property website. In a matter of minutes you can buy a domain which mirrors your property address on and have an easily recognized and searched url to send people to – then you re-direct your single property website right to it!  It’s easy!  We’ve added a video explaining exactly how to do it to your agent dashboard at  (Also, look for a great how-to pdf  in your dashboard under “downloads” well!)  That way instead of sending them to a “coded” online tour url, you can send them to (with your property address) instead!

Share a link on your seller’s Facebook page. With over 500 MILLION active users, Facebook can be your friend!  Your seller’s are probably eager to share their listing details with their followers, and you can make that easy by posting to their wall (with their permission) and sharing the great news with a note plus your unique url for the single property website.  Your post could look something like this:  “I’m thrilled to be working closely with you to get your home sold in this market and excited about your family’s future plans!  Here’s the link to the website I’ve set up just for you! Try it!

While we’re talking Facebook, set up a fan page for the different neighborhoods or communities you’re working. Feed those fan pages with lots of great local information and invite all the neighbors to join so that they can always be in the loop as to upcoming events, market changes that can affect their families, special offer coupons from local establishments (gives you a great reason to talk to the local businesses and build that referral base as well) and updated school information!  Post at least once or twice a week if not more for best results.  For the school information – contact the PTAs & PTSAs of the schools in those areas.  They usually have a corresponding secretary who can keep you updated.  School systems have their own websites as well that are always being refreshed, so be sure to bookmark that and visit often to grab new information as it happens and share with your sphere.  Offer to spotlight a local restaurant or shop on the fan page in return for a coupon code or something that people can use there.  It’s great advertising for you and a great way to connect!

Savvy agents know that long-term referral success comes from connecting and really becoming the “face” of the communities they service.  Inviting in the neighbors and making those community members feel special is a powerful way to begin doing that.

Get some great, free collateral pieces you can add to your toolkit here:  ProspectsPLUS! Resources

Need more help? Call us today at 866.405.3638, email us at or visit us online at!  Have a great week!

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