The Perils of Overpricing…

Listings (Priced Right) Are the Name of the Game6 pitfalls of overpricing

by Julie Escobar

Building a strong and SALABLE listing inventory is at the heart of every top agent’s success checklist, but we all know that getting them priced RIGHT isn’t always a cake-walk.  There are sometimes over-bearing, unrealistic sellers standing in their own way of getting their homes sold in today’s market and for those folks you’ve got a couple of choices:  Use powerful tools (and mad negotiating skills) to show them the true perils of overpricing and get them to agree on a fair market price,  take the listing and let it sit (damaging your reputation and making it more unsalable by the day), or walk away and focus on working with folks who will allow you to do the most professional job you can do for them as an agent INCLUDING taking your advice on a list price.

One of the things I learned long ago from industry icons like Floyd WickmanDanielle Kennedy, and Judy LaDeur is that the right words, accompanied by a great VISUAL will ALWAYS get you further than the right words alone.  That’s one of the reasons we are always creating powerful collateral pieces and free reports for our customers so that when faced with unreasonable sellers, grouchy expireds, or prickly FSBOs- you’ve got terrific visuals and objection handlers that lend credibility and authority to your presentations and even your pre-listing presentations!

Take our free report Six Pitfalls to Overpricing Your Home – this is a powerful piece to add to your listing presentation and as an opt-in piece on your website. I’d even use one of the six tips per day on your facebook page as a content-rich and informative post- at the end of a week offer to send your followers a copy of all six via email.  It’s a dynamite way to build your social media following and your email database!

Many of our customers also use it in conjunction with our Fence Sitter Series of postcards and in our Expired and FSBO campaigns as a item of value that consumers can  get just for calling.  Or the Merchandising Review is another piece that’s perfect for putting the responsibility of ensuring that a listing is salable back on the sellers.  You can get both of these and many more visuals and free reports by clicking here to see our free resources.

And if you really want to master your mad pricing skills, be sure to check out my eBook 21 Ways to Get Your Listings Priced Right (Despite the Sellers Best Objections!) It’s filled with terrific dialogues from top trainers, objection handlers and techniques for getting even the most stubborn sellers to see reason!

Good luck out there!  And remember if you need us -just call us at 866.405.3638 and be sure to bookmark our SPECIALS page to see the latest in new marketing tools and terrific savings promo codes!

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