3 Ways to Make Your Life (and Job) Easier

Don’t You LOVE Technology?tech tools

by Julie Escobar

Let’s face it, calendars are filling up fast as we head into the fall market.  So sometimes we can ALL use a little help getting things done faster, more efficiently and of course– with ease!

This week I wanted to share with you three things you can do to save time, energy and money while you’re focused on filling up that pipeline for fall!

1.  Stop Printing Yourself!  As someone who personally spent 15 minutes trying to clear the jam on my printer and get it back online last night (we wont’ talk about the help from the 13 year old), I know waiting for your items to print and creating marketing materials can be costly in terms of time.   From your feature flyers and brochures to the host of collateral material that you have in your dashboard (click here to see them all) you can now take advantage of our Upload Your Own feature on the new ProspectsPLUS.com site.  It makes printing in quantities of your Infobox Flyers, or large documents like your pre-listing package, listing package, online house tour report or 10 Ways to Make Your House Show Like a Model free report really fast, simple and affordable. Just save your document as a pdf, upload it and let us know how many you need and take it from there.  Click here to start or call our office today at 866.405.3638 for help!

2.  Use Business Cards with QR Codes!   These are a great way to connect with your customers in a whole new way!  In fact, click here to learn five great reasons to use this cool technology to save you time and aggravation!

3.  Block Your Time.  Time blocking is crucial to success for today’s agents. If not, it’s WAY too easy to get off track, not prospect or follow up and find yourself behind that proverbial 8-ball in no time.  With school starting back up and sport schedules back at full tilt for a lot of families — it’s just hard to keep track of everything.  That’s why I LOVE Google calendars.  And why agents all over the world use them to help keep tabs on their master family calendar.

Here’s a tip – share integrated calendars.  Start with a family calendar. You know, soccer practices, dance lessons, dentist appointments, eye exams, school functions, vacation time, etc.  Make another for your business.  Be sure to include these VITAL elements:  prospecting time, follow up time, appointment time, meetings, courses or training and don’t forget DOWN time.  Have a spouse or significant other? They can create a shared calendar too.  I’ve got college kids-so they have one as well.  Everyone shares their calendars with you and now you have a day, week or month at a glance that has EVERYONE’S stuff!  And it syncs with your smartphone so you can always have it handy!

Hope that helps and hope you’re having a great week!  Need help?  Call our team at 866.405.3638 today! 



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