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Helping Brokers Find the DIFFERENTIATORS!

By Julie Escobar

We’ve focused a lot in the last few months on bringing powerful, sphere-based strategies to eager agents across North America to help them grow their business and make 2012 a year of abundance for themselves.  We wanted to expand on that for the brokers and managers in the crowd and provide a new platform for you each month where we can share some tips, tools, strategies and solutions that can help make your life easier, grow your agent base and increase market share.

For many of you bringing on new agents is the top priority this month. That’s why I wanted to share some of the ideas that came to light from an interview I did with industry recruiting icon Judy Ladeur.  She’s been helping brokers grow their organizations for more than 30 years.

What she shared was this, “For most brokers, instead of jumping in and making calls, they should spend time getting themselves positioned to recruit the best agents, which is more than just making calls and booking interviews. We have spent most of this past year helping brokers understand what a “value proposition” is and what it is not! We have determined that 90% of brokers have no idea what their value proposition is – even though it is the most important element in their recruitment arsenal.  The value proposition is NOT their tools. However their tools determine the value of their value proposition.

What Judy is teaching brokers to do is to identify their 12-20 most powerful tools and the results that each tool produces. You would be amazed how many brokers do not have a handle on this information.  Knowing the results of the tools you have allows you to share them in a way that educates the agents in your market about the opportunities that you can provide to them as a member of your team.  If you’re not sure where to start, poll your agents.  Ask them the value of the tools that you provide as an organization.  When the agents tell you what your systems mean to their real estate career, that is your value proposition to that agent.

It is different for each agent, but these insights can give brokers what they need to figure out a minimum of 12 powerful tools with results that are unique in their market or things that they are doing that others are not doing.It can be a little tedious and it takes a while to complete but it’s well worth it. Next, they need to create visuals for each one as well with the results on them.

For any broker out there who wants a strong 2012, this is a crucial step. It’s time to sharpen their phone and interview skills so they can hit the ground running.”

Judy and her team host powerful recruiting retreats at which they ask brokers, “what are the 12 – 20 things you are doing–or doing better than you competition?”  Surprisingly, many can’t answer that.  Some will say “location,” or “a great broker like me!” That’s great – but really is not going to cut it in today’s world.  Specifically, what is different about you? Think about it – if your answer is, “Great team” – what do you think your competition is saying?  Theirs is a lousy team?  You have to find the DIFFERENTIATORS.

If you can’t quantify those things in terms of time, money, energy saved, production, etc.–then it goes off list.  Here’s one, “We give agents leads.”  Next we’ll say, “Ok – how many leads year to date have you given out per agent?  What is the conversion rate?  You have to have the ability to bring it down to the numbers.  How about “Training program.”  Ok – what kind of results did the agents get? Many simply say, “I don’t know.”  And that’s fine – it gives them a starting point.  Sometimes they have to go back and track results after the next training, talk to agents who’ve been through it and ask for their results so they can get those numbers.  If they don’t have that information, this fourth quarter is a great time to do that so you can start the new year strong.  Sometimes a broker will tell us, “We have the best agents.” Then we’ll come back to them and ask them to quantify.  For example, according to the MLS, our agents are doing an average of seven transactions more than our nearest competitor.

For a lot of brokers this exercise is a big eye opener.  First it helps them identify more clearly where they are NOW.  And secondly – it forces them to put themselves in the agents’ shoes — sometimes for the first time in years.

One of the things we’ve done to help you as brokers and managers DIFFERENTIATE or identify your value proposition is to create some powerful tools just for you using our incredibly successful platform  This unique platform helps agents put all their tools in one easy-to-manage, easy-to-implement system that allows them to be both high-tech and high-touch without taking up all of their valuable time.  In one dashboard they have their Just Listed/Just Sold postcards, single property website, Craigslist or web ad, sign rider pdf, SMS text messaging, property flyers, lead generation cards, listing and pre-listing presentations, training and so much more.  And the best part – is they have the ability to TRACK their results.  That’s powerful in today’s market with budget-savvy agents and organizations.

Now, recruiting using this comprehensive system is easy with our downloadable, editable powerpoint recruiting presentation.  It’s simple to add your logo and company information and step-by-step walk agents through what they would get when signing on with your organization.  We’ve also created some direct response postcards which spotlight the tools that you’ll make available through a company-wide system when they join your team.  (That sure makes coming up with your 12-20 differentiators a lot less complicated doesn’t it?)

To get your copy of our powerful new recruiting presentation – simply email me at and I will send right out to you! 

Learn more about this powerful program at  For a no-obligation demonstration of this innovative tool – call Ramona at 866.405.3638 today!

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