Send – Call – See…

A Formula For Successsuccess

by Julie Escobar

All right, I’ll admit it:  I’m a planner.  I know, I know.  How BORING – right?  But you know after years of hanging around speakers and trainers and industry experts – I do know that success very rarely falls into anyone’s lap.   It’s crafted month after month, and year after year by people who are willing to do the work to get the rewards.  And that?  Is a formula to rally behind – old fashioned or not-right?

Take the Send-Call-See Formula…

SEND something every month or every 21-45 days to your book of business, sphere of influence, database, whatever YOU have labeled your customer and prospect base.

CALL everyone in your base at least four times a year.  Don’t stress about it.  I can’t tell you how many agents DON’T pick up the phone just because they’re afraid they won’t know what to say.  Start with “Hello!” Add in your name.  Ask them how they are – let them know the market it changing CONSTANTLY and just see if they have questions.  Be a resource.  A consultant.  People today appreciate that way more than they do a pushy salesperson anyway – so just be on their side and if they say YES, I’d like you to come over (some will!) then give them some time options and lock it down.  See?  That’s not so painful!

SEE everyone in your base at least twice a year.  Whether you do that all at one time at a customer appreciation event or spread it out by walking the neighborhoods, inviting special  clients to lunch, hosting community workshops,  attending neighborhood block parties, setting up shop at the local Starbucks for an hour or so or all of the above – make it a point to get out and about and let people put the face with the name!

Formulas don’t have to be fancy to be right on the money.  Try the Send-Call-See formula and put it to work for you starting this month!

Oh – and if you need help figuring out WHAT to send – our team is more than happy to lend you their expertise!  Call them today at 866.405.3638!  Meanwhile – check out our all new SPECIALS (and great deals) today!  Just click here! 

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Need to Add a Few More Listings to Your Inventory?

Be Pro-Active By Sending Out Your Pre-Listing Package!

By Julie Escobar

A few years back I really started diving into what agents who were thriving regardless of market were doing DIFFERENTLY to attract more business and build their listing inventory. Well, a variety of best practices of course, coupled with the right mindset and willingness to learn.

One thing in particular that really still stands out today is the successful use of the pre-listing packages to not just get in the door with potential sellers, but get that phone call that says, “Come list my house!”

Your Ultimate Marketing Toolkit comes with a Pre-Listing package in two different formats.  One is a pdf which you can just print and send and the other a Powerpoint file that you can alter and make your own!

Here are some ideas on how to use both:

With either version, the most successful use of a pre-listing package occurs when a little care goes into the presentation.  That means, getting some nice folders, including the presentation, a nice cover letter, your business card and a call-to-action envelope to put it all in.  I know an agent who got her own binding machine because she thought it gave her presentations that extra “edge.”  The key to a good PRE-listing presentation is to make that seller realize that you’ve already done more work than most of the agents that are trying to get in their door.

Most agents can print a stack of these in advance, add the customized cover sheet, grab a picture of the home and incorporate it and the seller’s names into the presentation and what have you got?   WOW factor.

PDF version?  Try this:

  • Nice folder (complimenting colors to your logo) to put everything in
  • Customized cover letter (Sample found in the download dashboard here:
  • Pre-Listing package printed (found in your download dashboard)
  • Company or personal brochure
  • Business Card
  • Sample Just Listed postcard with a note attached – I’m ready to get started when you are!

Powerpoint version?  You’ll use most of the components but actually incorporate them into the package before you print.

  • Nice folder to put everything in
  • Customized cover letter
  • Add your photo, logo and contact information to the first page of the presentation – on the bottom of  the page
  • A title box with the listing address on top of page two, with small picture of the property if possible and your signature at the bottom of page two.
  • Your website on page five
  • Using a “snipping tool” such as the one in the newer versions of Microsoft Office or give the free “Snagit” software trial a whirl at – take a screen capture of your own Toolkit pieces to replace the sample postcard, infobox flyer, lead generation card, etc. that are found in the current Powerpoint presentation on pages 7-10.  These programs are fairly simple to use, follow their instructions and you’ll be snipping away in no time!  Watch the tutorial video on that Snagit link, or to learn how to use the Microsoft version found in Office 7 or higher –  watch the video here:
  • Add your logo, photo and contact information to page 10 on the bottom.
  • Add a page or two to your presentation.  I would include a page with testimonials, as well as our popular Merchandising Review and even some of the other free reports that you can find on the resource section of our site – click here to get your free copies.  If you’ve got any great market snapshots that are provided by your MLS (average days on market, etc.) those can be a great addition as well.

I’ve created a sample Powerpoint with these changes so you can get an idea of what a presentation can look like with the changes above in your download dashboard here:  I hope it helps!  You’ll also find a sample cover letter there which I would recommend you customize each time with the potential seller’s information each time.  If you have questions – email me at

Once you’re done creating your pre-listing package – save as a pdf.  Then you can use it on your iPad or tablet for face-to-face presentations as well!

Now that you’re getting the hang of how to customize your pre-listing presentation – who are you going to send it to?  Here’s a strategy:  Each day turn to your MLS for all the expired listings in your market.  Grab the best MLS photo, customize your pre-listing package and cover letter, personalizing it as much as possible, pop it in an envelope and into the mail before you go on your morning run, take the kids to school or hit the office!  If you’re searching for area FSBOs on Craigslist or have a service such as or you can do the same thing! Be sure to follow up on any of your mailings with a phone call when and where possible.  These strategies are a great way to knock out some of your “prospecting” duties first thing!  (Don’t you love time management?)

If you’re a new agent especially, the pre-listing package gives you the confidence to showcase a comprehensive marketing plan that’s for the most part, done for you.  You’ll be using all the best practices in the industry such as the Just Listed direct response card, infobox flyers, Craigslist ad and QR codes!  As a new agent, I would encourage you to read the articles here on the blog that correspond with each piece and really know the pre-listing package inside and out so that you’ll feel comfortable taking a seller through each page when you are face-to-face.

That’s it for now!  Be sure to log in to your online dashboard at and sign in to get your sample pre-listing package with ideas on how to customize your version, your sample letter and download your own pre-listing package if you haven’t already so you can start adding your own flair to it today!

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Expireds Anyone?


A Smart Seller Strategy for Your Next Listing Appointmentexpired listing

By Julie Escobar

I’ve always been a big fan of visuals when giving presentations and when your goal is to effectively communicate with your client or customers.  They lend an extra layer of authority to the conversation, appeal to the both the “listener” in the room and the “visual” person in the room (and if there’s a husband and wife or more than one person who is a decision maker – there’s usually one of each!), and it help you and your ‘audience’ to stay ON TRACK.

Working with Expireds is a dynamite strategy in today’s market.  Granted, some are disillusioned, some worried and some flat out angry that they didn’t get the results they wanted.  But most of the time – they’re still motivated to sell.  One of the first things you have to do is to help them figure out the “WHY” for their dilemma.  Was it price?  (Many times!)  Was it condition?  (You can sell anything for the right PRICE.)  Was it the terms?

Whatever it was – the key to keeping that from happening again is to make sure your sellers are just as vested as you are in creating a successful end result – the sale of their home, preferably sooner rather than later.

Enter the Merchandising Review.  This handy dandy little form is great for walking Merchandising Reviewsellers through the potential pitfalls that can happen  if you don’t follow a success track when listing a property.  It helps put some of the “monkey” if you will on their backs – not just that of the sales agent.  And truly – it should be – right?

The Merchandising Review is a great way to sit across from the seller and say, “Listen, selling a home in today’s market is challenging at times, there’s no doubt.  But I like a good challenge and when you have the right tools, the right price, the right plan and the right agent – we can get you to your goal of getting this home sold.  Let’s do this – let’s walk through what I call a Merchandising Review and take a look at some of the top reasons that a home will sell (or won’t) in our market – OK?  That way we can make whatever adjustments we need to get you and your family to the next chapter of your life.  Sound good?  Here, I brought two copies – let’s go through it…”

It’s easy to use and easy (and free) to get!  Click here to go to our Resource Page – scroll about half way down the page until you see “Merchandising Review” – then just click download!  Easy, breezy!  Add this piece to your Ultimate Marketing Toolkit listing presentation for extra impact when you’re on listing appointments!  Don’t have a copy of the listing presentation yet?  Visit the training section of your dashboard by clicking here and download your copy of the powerpoint today!  Open it up, add your special touches like your photo, logo, contact information, testimonials and more.  Save it and start using it right away to wow sellers with your mad skills and timely tools!

Then if you really start wanting to drive up your production and attract Expireds in your market – use our ‘7-Series for Expireds’ – the messages are perfect for entering the conversation that’s already going on in the minds of these disappointed sellers.

At least twice a week, pull the Expireds in your market and send them a series of 3-5 postcards, mailing one every 5-7 days. Use the alternative back on the postcard to write a little more – and share that you have a very special tool that can help them first, determine what went wrong in the sale of their home and two, ensure that it doesn’t happen again and invite them to call your for a copy of their own.

It’s a great way in the door for these potential sellers.  Go for it!

Need help choosing the cards that are right for you?  Simply call our marketing specialists at 866-405-3638 today.  They’re smart, knowledgeable, friendly and just the folks you need on your side to ensure that your marketing is TIMELY and DONE!  Be sure to use promo code MARCH10 this month to save 10% on your order!  Good luck and go get those Expireds!

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Three Ways to Connect Creatively

How to STAND OUT From Your Competitionget creative

By Julie Escobar

You’re rocking and rolling.  Making calls. Booking appointments.  Showing up to the office.  Plugging away. But you’re really not seeing an uptick in your brand.  Or your business.  So what do top agents do that you might consider?  They don’t try to blend in.  They work on STANDING OUT.

To do that?  A little creative can go a long way. 

  1. 1.       Tap into our Fun Days Calendar.  Every month we create a list of fun ways you can connect based on both traditional – and let’s face it – a few wacky holidays.  It’s a terrific way to spark interest with your referral clients and create a buzz in your market!  For example – March 8th is Popcorn Lover’s Day.  Our tip is to grab a box or two of those mini microwaveable bags and send or hand deliver to six of your favorite clients with a thank you.  If they’re really good clients – throw in a movie or a Red Box gift certificate too!  It’s those EXTRA MILE things we do that make people sit up, take notice and REMEMBER you in your market.  Click here to see all of our fun tips!
  2. 2.       Give people what they want (with personality!)  People in your market area want hyper local information. What’ happening at the schools, neighborhood events, new business information, grand openings, market stats.  But you can share that in so many different ways and showcase yourself as the expert in the process.    I know power teams that host a real estate Q & A once a month at the local Starbucks, and pass out newsletter type information and great advice. Other agents host workshops once a quarter on timely topics such as saving for a down payment, first time homeowners, foreclosure and short sales, etc.   It shows they are the experts on all things real estate and they bring in new sphere of influence members every time!  Click here to see some workshop ideas.  (Scroll down to Goof Proof Tips for for Success.) Other agents who host charity events every quarter where they get the whole community involved – whether it’s food drives for local shelters, coat drives for children’s homes, Relays for Life and more – they show that they are right there as a team, eager to give back and making it easy for other people to do the same.  That goes a long way.   I know other agents who host movie night once a year and rent out a local theater and sponsor a movie for their top clients. Have fun with it!  Click here to see some Customer Appreciate Party ideas.
  3. 3.       Leverage technology.  Are you using QR Code business cards?  They’re a great conversation starter (and a terrific way to instantly get your contact information in your customer’s hands.)  You can share with your customers how they too can use QR codes to make everyday life a little simpler.  Check out – with its scanner, customers can not only get the information they need (like your name, number, listing information, website) but they can comparison shop prices for things they purchase every day, scan food products for allergen alerts, find local shops and more.  People appreciate service professionals who are able to share not only in their OWN area of expertise – but also ones who can help them learn new ideas, insights and tools that can make their lives better!  Check it out today.  And if you need QR code business cards- give our team a call at 866.405.3638 and they’ll hook you up!

Don’t stop here!  Infuse your everyday business life with some creative ideas that help you get NOTICED and stand out from your competition.  Keep your eyes and ears open in your market and top agents online to see what is working for them,  then model those ideas and creatively make them your own.

Need help?  Call us today at 866.405.3638 to kick start your connections with some powerful direct response marketing tools!  Have a great one! 

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Insights from Our Audience’s View

The Inside Scoop from This Week’s Webinarquestions

By Julie Escobar

First of all—for everyone who joined us for this week’s webinar – THANKS. What a great group and a lively discussion for the questions and answers.  I had a great time chatting up Ramona Williams, our Director of Business Development and seasoned real estate expert and very good friend I might add!  She was cool enough to come over and hang out with me to go over all the inside skinny on what makes work, how some agents are getting really creative and how agents who might not have already been familiar with the program can see if it is right for them without it costing them anything. Unfortunately our recorded webinar didn’t so much record – so I wanted to help fill in the gaps for you here!

Here’s the top six questions answered:   

1.  “What does it include?”  That was one of the first questions out of the chute, and we can honestly say, the nice thing about this system is that you really do have all the components you need to deliver a comprehensive, powerful plan to your sellers for getting their homes sold.  With tools like single property websites, QR codes, SMS codes, sign riders, postcards, info flyers, lead generation cards and listing presentations – we really took the guess work out of hitting the ground running – and sitting at the kitchen table with potential sellers.

2.  “Do you have my listings?”  We covered how we get the data right up front, because that really is the big question-right?  Is the system available in YOUR area, for YOUR office or Your MLS?  So we shared that if you’re already receiving emails from Ramona about your recent listing – then chances are good that we are already getting your data –and you can tap into the system at any time.  However – if you’re not – there are some things you can do that don’t cost you or your broker a thing to tap into the ListHub feed, choose your channel partners and start syndicating your listings – not just with us but with other channel partners as well.  To learn how to do that call our office at 866.405.3638 – they’ll direct you to the links and information you need to get started.

3. “How do I get to these tools?”   Easy. Your tools are all in one place.   One of the cool things about this system is that all of your tools are all in one place and be accessed from one single dashboard.  For busy agents and overwhelmed calendars – this is tremendous benefit.  You can log in, change anything you want on your listings, upload new photos, change your theme, grab your Craigslist code, and download your templates – the works.  No more pulling your cards from this source, flyers from that source, lists in this program, photos in that.  One spot simple.

4. “What about lists?”  No problem!  We store your lists.  Savvy agents are stopping with their one listing. They are using the lists that we store right there in the dashboard to cultivate a farm area by reaching out to those consumers consistently with additional marketing. It can make all the difference between having a one-off listing in a neighborhood – to cementing your position as the neighborhood specialist.

5.  “Do we have to use you for print?”  No, everything you need is template and pdf format in your dashboard.  You can print yourse

6. ‘Is there a way to report the results back to our buyers?”   Great question!  Yes, right in your dashboard for every activated listing you’ll see a pie chart that tracks what marketing pieces have had hits.  The really great thing is it only tracks what you use – so if you’re not using the flyers for example – you won’t have a zero on the pie chart for those.  Easy, breezy – and downloadable!

I’m sure there’s LOTS more questions out there – and we’re happy to answer them!  Just give us a call at 866.405.3638 or take the tour at  We’ll get you all covered! Thanks again to everyone that joined and we’ll be talking to you soon!

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Post or No Post?

Craigslist Strategies for Successonline advertising

by Julie Escobar

Do you post web ads?  When do you post?  How do you post?  So many questions – so little time!  Since it’s Valentine’s Day – let’s show your Craigslist ad feature a little love!  What do you say?

Your Ultimate Marketing Toolkit comes with a ready made Craigslist ad, but many agents are still not using this valuable resource (and lead generator) because they’re just not sure how to!   Here are some strategies for successfully maximizing your web ad traffic.

  1. Spread it out.  If you’re a listing machine – that’s AWESOME!  Just don’t post all of your Craigslist ads at once.  If you’re are posting several within a 5 minute span or so – you may find yourself shut out or get an alert from Craigslist.
  2. Test your timing.  Split up posting through-out the day – Try posting ads in the morning, afternoon, and evening to maximize exposure.
  3. Post your inventory over multiple days – Even if you have a small amount of ads to post, it is still a best practice not to post all of them in the same day.
  4. Post ads on Saturdays & Sundays – Craigslist’s traffic peaks on weekends, when people have more time to search for homes and apartments.

Keeping to these simple guidelines will help keep your Craigslist account in good standing and will help you maximize traffic to your ads.  Need help?  Call our team at 866.405.3638! 

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Are You Still On Track?

One Month Down, Eleven to Go!
on track

By Julie Escobar

As we round the corner into February, it’s interesting to note that many entrepreneurs fall into three categories: those who created a comprehensive business plan and are on track, those who made a plan but just like those resolutions have started to slip, and those who are still taking the “hope for the best” approach to their business. Which are you?

In today’s competitive marketplace, savvy business men and women know that having a viable business plan and tracking it not just annually, but weekly and monthly as well is critical to success. Why? Consider how quickly you can find yourself not one month off track, but one quarter or one half of the year and then what? Once you lose your footing, getting back on track and staying focused becomes a slippery slope.

Consumers are more apt than ever to “take their business elsewhere” if they don’t feel like they are a priority for you and your organization.

As a consumer yourself, who are you more likely to do business with?
The professional who month after month and year after year reminded you that they appreciated your business and are there during good times and bad or the company that only calls when they are trying to sell you something? Now turn the tables. How many of YOUR customers have you failed to send something to, call or see in person over the last twelve months?

They say it costs 5 to 10 times more to sell to new customers than it does to sell more to current customers, and yet what percent of our effort is spent looking for new customers vs. pleasing and staying in touch with our current customers? Sometimes it’s not geographically possible to meet in person or invite a client to lunch, but it is possible to call them every two to three months. It can be as simple as asking, “how are things going for you and your business?” Letting people know you care, and that you are interested not only in your success but theirs as well is the foundation for building long term referral success. Sending them something every month is equally as simple by putting automated systems in place to creatively:

PLUS…as a member you can also use this month to fully deploy your Ultimate Marketing Toolkit by:

  • Launching your Craigslist ad at least twice a month
  • Printing up at least 30 Infoflyers and leaving them in the info box at each listing (refill weekly if necessary)
  • Use your sign rider with QR code and SMS technology so you can better service those drive by prospects
  • Printing up the lead generation business cards for use by your sellers
  • Posting your single property website for each listing to your social media networks

Finding new customers is tough and expensive. Once you’ve got a customer, hold on to them by staying in touch. I can guarantee you if you don’t, somebody else will.

As we head into month two of the year — take the time NOW to determine if you are on track or off. Ensure that your customers know that you are there and that you care not just once or twice a year, but consistently month after month. Remember to use the SEND-CALL-SEE approach to your marketing.  Continuously SEND something to your sphere, CALL them at least once a quarter and SEE them at least every six months for the best success.  You’ll keep their business and ensure that your name and number are handy the next time they are asked by a family member or friend, “who would you call for real estate…?”

Need help deciding what to send, when to call and see your customers?  Call our office today at 866.405.3638!  We’re always here to help!  

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